The 9-Steps to Mastering Baby Photography


Here at Simple Baby Necessities, we wanted to share with readers some helpful tips when it comes to buying a camera and catching those perfect moments.
In this economy it is so hard and overwhelming getting completely prepared for your little one. There are so many things you need for your newborn. There is the bassinet, crib, nursery furniture, and many other baby items. As you did your baby registry I am sure you said to yourself: "Where are we going to put all of this??!!" and "How are we ever going to afford all of this stuff for our baby and baby's nursery??!!" and "How could one tiny baby possibly need all of this??!!!" Well you are not alone. There are many things out there that we feel are not necessities (and we will soon write a article on some of these items), but right now we want to write about something that we find to be a necessity for all parents. And that is handy, durable, quick shooting camera. Here at Simple Baby Necessities, we know you will never regret buying a camera and taking many photos of your baby. Here are some tips to choosing the right camera and always taking awesome pictures of those unforgettable moments.

-Choose a Fast-Shooting Camera

Some cameras take a few seconds after you hit the button before they take the shot. Go to a few different stores that sell cameras and try the ones they have on display to see how quick it takes pictures. The more you sample the sooner you will find the fastest shooting camera.

-Don’t Spend a Fortune

You are spending enough money on the new member of your family. Don’t feel like you have to get the most expensive camera. Here at Simple Baby Necessities, we are firm believers on not spending a fortune on a camera to get great pictures. Just be sure you do your research and find a camera that is made by a reputable company and is durable-meeting your family’s needs and fitting your lifestyle.

-Think about the Camera’s Size

Do not buy a camera that is so big or bulky that you are going to end up leaving it behind when you go to the park or out for playdates. Get a camera that is smaller and easily fits in a purse or diaper bag. Unless you know you will be dedicated to lugging around a larger camera, get a smaller snap and shoot camera. Don’t miss all of those adorable, unforgettable moments with your baby! You will be very sad if you don’t have a way to capture and share those random precious moments.

-Take Many Pictures!!

Now that you have your camera, take MANY pictures. Take pictures all day and every day. Who cares if your friends or spouse make fun of you for always having your camera out. You will never regret having tons of pictures of your precious little one. Your baby will grow and change every single day whether you like it or not! Don’t miss those changes and special phases of his or her life. There are so many adorable moments throughout the day that you can capture if your camera is ready and handy. Keep it charged or keep extra batteries available so you never miss the perfect shot. The more pictures you take, the more you have to choose from and share.

-Pay Attention to the Lighting

You can get the best shots of your baby when you have the flash turned off of your camera. With the flash on, your photos will often be too bright, and your baby’s skin tone will look washed out. The best pictures you will get of your baby are without the flash. The best place to take photos is outside or near a lot of natural light. It is best if you can capture soft, natural light for your photo sessions. The times for the best photography light are right when the sun is rising and just before sun down. With little babies these times may not be the most practical so just be aware of the lighting and experiment with your camera’s different settings.

-Get Closer Variety of Shots

Get down to your baby’s level. Get a variety of close ups and further away shots at different angles. Also, do not feel like he or she has to be looking at you and smiling. Often candid shots come out the best because you capture your baby at the most natural and pure moments. You want to remember what you baby looks like at this phase of life. So, it is okay if he or she is not showing the perfect smile. A frown, smirk, or silly face are all photos you are going to want to see later when your baby is much bigger and more mature.

-Keep the Background Simple

Often times if the background is too busy, bold, or bright our eyes are distracted from the main subject-your sweet little one. For infant a great back drop is your favorite quilt or blanket. As your baby gets bigger, sitting him or her in a chair, or in front of a bare wall or curtain all work great. Once your baby is older and on the move, a great place to snap shots is outside at the playground, on the swing set, or in your yard. A nice clear or even cloudy sky can quickly become your favorite back drop.

-Download and Save Your Photos!

Ok now you have the perfect camera for your lifestyle and you have learned how to snap shots often and well. You are busy, very busy like most parents, but you need to find time to download and save your special pictures. Make a habit to download your photos from your camera to your computer often. This way they are not always sitting on your camera with the risk of losing them. If anything ever happened to your camera or your photo card, you could lose those precious, invaluable photos forever. Just think, you could drop your camera or your baby could get a hold of it and accidentally all of the pictures you worked so hard to get are gone forever! Always save them on your computer. As you are saving them, delete the ones you don’t love and pick your favorites to share, print and frame. It is easy to do that if you make well organized folders on your computer such as: “Print Jan-Feb” or “Email Fam” and folders for each month or age such as “Johny 0-6 months.” You could never regret taking all those photos and being well organized to know where each phase of your baby’s life is documented.

Print, Share and Frame Your Photos!!

Now that you have all of those awesome pictures downloaded, saved and well organized you need to print, share and frame them! When you find good photo printing coupons or specials, print “Print Jan-Feb” or whatever that folder is called that you have been adding pictures to. A helpful tip is that you sign up for email notification at your favorite photo websites. Then you will get coupon codes sent directly to your email that will remind you of that folder that still needs to be printed. Often you can get penny or 3 cent print coupons. Great photo printing and sharing websites are Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, Walgreens, CVS and there are many more! Become a member at your favorite website and upload your albums-naming them by date or your baby’s age to keep it simple. Most of these photo websites make it very easy to share your photos with many people at once. Emailing them can be time consuming because you can only send about 5 at a time. Once you print your photos, frame some and give some away to friends and family. Your loved ones will be so grateful to occasionally get photos of your baby! Then they can easily frame their favorites and show off the special child in their life. Make photo cards for special occasions that are important to your such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and of course Christmas!! You can also make photo collages, magnets, mugs, mouse pads etc with all of your photos on your favorite websites. What perfect birthday and Christmas gifts for your loved ones!!

Make your mommy and daddy friends jealous!! They will wonder how you do it all. These little steps are not hard to do especially once you make it a habit to stay on top of your pictures.

Author’s Personal Account: My routine:
*1x a week I cut my pictures off of my camera and paste them onto my computer. I save them into a folder according to my daughter’s age.

*I then delete the pictures that are not great and make a folder of the ones I want to print and share

*I now edit and crop the ones that need it and make some black and white or sepia tone versions of my favorite to add variety. You can find easy photo editing websites that you can use for free. I always save the original as I am making changes in case I end up liking the original better. I often print the original and the edited versions. Often the original is better than a cropped version for framing purposes.

*I order my prints from whichever of my favorite websites that has the best deal doing on now. I can often find prints from 1 cent up to 10 cents, but I never pay more than that. I wait to get a good coupon through email, and I am fine to wait for cheaper prints. I usually get great coupons once a week.
*Print, share and frame my awesome pictures!!!

Make a routine that works for you and stick to it!

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