Why Should I Buy a New Car Seat?

Car Seats Expire:

    As strange as it may sound at first, all car seats expire. It varies among manufacturers, but most car seats expire within 6 years from the date they were made. The manufacturer will have a date of expiration listed on your car seat-usually stamped on the bottom. Pay attention to this date, and do not use it beyond that date of expiration.
Car Seats are not safe after a crash:
    If a car is in an accident with the car seat in it-whether a child was in the car seat or not-the car seat’s safety has been compromised. The car seat needs to be replaced if the car was in any sort of collision.
Car Seat Recalls:
    Car seats, like any other safety product, can get recalled. There are varying degrees of a recall. Sometimes the whole car seat needs to be replaced, and in other cases the manufacturer will just send the owner a part to be replaced.
    Car seats not being safe after expiration dates, collisions, and recalls are three big reasons why you should buy a new car seat. If you get a used car seat, you will most likely not have the full history of it. You will not have all the information you need to ensure it is ready to protect your baby in your vehicle. The money you might save getting a used car seat is not worth the risk you are putting on your baby. Your baby’s safety is your priority, so it is certainly worth the small investment of buying a new baby car seat to ensure he or she is given the highest level protection while travelling on the roads.

And, "...every baby deserves to be spoiled."

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