All About High Chairs


All About High Chairs

When to use a High Chair:

When your baby reaches approximately 4-6 months of age, the time is right for them to be eating their meals sitting in a high chair. More importantly than their age, the factor to consider is when your baby can sit upright without any assistance. If they have been sitting up unaided for several minutes at time, you should try feeding him or her in a high chair for the added benefits and convenience high chairs offer. Ok so now that you know when your baby is ready for a high chair, let’s discuss choosing the right high chair.

Safety and Durability:

The most important thing when choosing the right high chair for your baby is its safety and durability. Look for a high chair with a well-designed and simple to use security strap or harness. This system will make sure your baby will stay in the chair, no matter how much they wiggle and play. Ideally the strap should have a part that goes across the baby`s waist as well as a part that goes between the legs to ensure that the child doesn`t slip down the seat. As you might imagine, mealtimes can be a wriggly affair. Whichever high chair you choose, check that the base of the chair design is significantly wider than the chair itself thus creating a more stable structure - you need to be sure that no matter how much dancing and bouncing goes on, the high chair will stay put exactly where you want it.

Ease of Use:

Also the ease of use must be a factor so ensure that the tray can be effortlessly moved (or even better-removed completely) to allow your baby to be easily put in and taken out of the high chair. Remember you will often need to use this tray mechanism while you are holding your baby, so ease of use is paramount. Your baby will make a much bigger mess than you would ever think was possible! The design and construction of the tray and chair is something that must be carefully looked at too. Even with the most delicate of eaters, the tray and chair will inevitably get covered with food and drink spills. All the surfaces need to be easily reached to be cleaned, with few nooks or crannies that will hide food and cause bacterial build up and smells. You want the padded seat covers to be able to be easily removed and machine washable.


Attractive High Chairs:

Here at Simple Baby Necessities, we feel it is vital for parents not to sacrifice their taste or the look of their home for their baby. We have found that if parents sacrifice too much they end up feeling gypped or like they lost too much of what they had before. When parents feel resentment it isn’t fair to anyone in the family. So get a high chair that fits your lifestyle and your existing taste. Get a high chair you are proud to have visible and one that even coordinates with colors in your dining room and/or kitchen. Your baby will eat often, and you don’t want to be ashamed of the high chair or feel like it is an eye sore. Make a wise investment with the money you spend on your baby.


Folding or Adjusting High Chairs:

It is helpful to have a high chair that is able to be folded and easily stored. This way you can easily store your baby’s high chair if you have parties or company and there isn’t always enough room for it. It is also much easier to save folding high chairs for younger siblings. It is also helpful for your baby’s high chair is adjustable in height. Not only does this accommodate the growing length of your baby over time, but it also means you can get the chair and tray at exactly the right height for the person doing the feeding, making for a simple mealtime with as little back strain as possible. A happy grown-up helps make a happy baby. Here at Simple Baby Necessities, we feel anything you can do to save time and money without sacrificing safety is very important!

Buy from the Best:

Remember to go only use a reputable supplier like Simple Baby Necessities for your important high chair purchase. Make use of sales and special offers, and be proud of the money you saved on your high chair purchase. When shopping with us you get a lowest price guarantee, no tax charge, and fast, free shipping. Shop with us and make your mealtimes fun, safe and comfortable for your baby and yourself. 

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