Purchasing the Perfect Baby Nursery Furniture


While there are many things to do before the big day arrives, probably the most meaningful for expectant parents is picking out furniture for the baby’s nursery. These are the items, both functional and decorative, that will color your baby’s world for the first few years of life. The nursery furniture you choose should be durable, safe and grow with your baby as he or she progresses from infancy into childhood.

Probably the single most important issue that comes to mind as parents begin their search for the perfect furniture is safety. New furniture designs are tested rigorously in order to maintain optimal safety standards, but even so, the rare recall can occur. When purchasing your baby`s furniture, check consumer resources online to ascertain that the items you have chosen are safe and appropriate for the age your child will be when using them. Here at Nurzery we are always up-to-date and fully informed about the latest in safety standards and can answer any questions you may have regarding the safety of any items for your nursery.

The one piece of furniture that will probably give you the most value for your money is the crib. This is where your baby will spend many hours each day, and for many years if the crib is designed to grow with your baby converting to a toddler and full bed once he or she outgrows the crib. Ideally, a crib should be made of sturdy, solid wood, with locks that will hold the sides in place and lower without pinching fingers.

Another piece of furniture that parents find indispensable is the changing table. In addition to being a handy place to change the inevitable diapers, most models come with drawers or shelves to hold necessities within arm’s reach. Recently, retailers have designed changing tables to also function as a dresser once your child is out of diapers, making them a very functional piece that will have years of use.

Babies might be tiny, but they can amass a large wardrobe very quickly. Dressers and wardrobes that coordinate with other nursery furniture can be a handy addition to hold all of baby’s things in an organized fashion and can be used throughout childhood into adulthood.

When it comes to designing a baby’s nursery, it’s best for parents to consider both the size of the room and just what their needs are. With only a little planning and the help of our knowledgeable at Nurzery, you will have a nursery that is both functional and fun.

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