Have you ever heard of a lifetime bed?


Have you ever heard of a lifetime bed?

Well, if you are looking for a crib for your baby that will always match his or her room, and will never have to be given away or thrown away, that will again and again save you time and money…you are in for a treat! If you plan ahead, you are truly benefiting yourself. You can save shopping for a new place for your little one to sleep 3 entire times!!! That means you save the hassle of having to pick out, buy, transport, and assemble a bed 3 whole times! And, if you shop with us today, you get FREE Shipping!

The more you read about the lifetime bed, the more you will be hooked. Here is how it works…This amazing lifetime crib, is just as the name implies; your baby’s bed for life. The lifetime bed first converts to a toddler when your baby is at the dangerous stage when he or she is strong enough to stand up and crawl out of the baby crib. The toddler bed is an adorable bed that has the same mattress that their first crib did. It sits low to the floor and is encased to comfort your baby with panels on 3 sides. The toddler bed is perfect for your baby to stumble him or herself right into for nap time and at the end of the day for bed time. This is the perfect transition from crib to bed to keep your little one safe. The toddler bed then converts to a day bed. This adorable bed is a smaller version of the bed you sleep in. Your child will be so excited to get to graduate into the “big kid” bed! The foot board and head boards are the same pieces that once formed their toddler bed. The daybed will now hold a twin size mattress, but your little one can still be safe from falling or crawling accidentally out of bed, because you can put up a side board if you choose. Then, once your child is ready, he or she can fall asleep each night in a full size bed, and there is no reason that this modern, durable, handsome piece of furniture isn’t their bed for life! This bed will hold many memories for you and your baby.

Why wait? Get a lifetime bed today! This is the hottest baby crib out on the market! It is the new rave for parents these days, and the reason why is that people are realizing how simple and hassle free they really are. If you buy a lifetime bed from us today, we will ship it to you FREE of charge!! Shop around for the perfect lifetime bed for you…we offer many different styles and colors, but remember they are going fast!

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