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6 reasons why you need a high chair 0

Introducing solid foods to your infant is a fun and exciting time for parents. Watching your child discover new tastes and textures is always a great experience and it is a unique bonding time with baby. Before having my first child, I always assumed high chairs were just bulky contraptions that served no real purpose. Boy was I wrong! Here are 6 reasons why you really need to invest in a high chair.


1. They are safe. You don’t have to worry about your child falling off of or out of a high chair as long as the harness is secured. Also, for young infants who are just starting to gain more muscle in their necks, high chairs with a recline can accommodate infants from 4-5 months old. While young babies are still learning how to sit up on their own, you can rest assured that your baby will be properly supported in a high chair. Most high chairs also have a 3 point or a 5 point harness to buckle them in – perfect for any little escape artist.

Mickey High Chair

This Mickey Mouse High Chair has 3 recline positions for all life stages. 

2. Easier to the feed baby. When your child is in a high chair, it is a lot easier to feed them. You can face them and spoon feed them a lot easier. The high chair tray is also great to place a few tiny finger foods and allow them to feed themselves. Learning to use their fingers and feeding themselves is a very important milestone and it sets the stage for much more than eating food. 

Safety 1st high chair

While not exactly a high chair, this booster has the added convenience of a space-saving design. Strapped to another chair, this booster gives enough height to save parent's backs during feeding time.

3. Helps practice and develop good dining habits. When in a high chair, your little one is learning how to eat at a dinner table. This is by practicing good dining habits. They start to understand what meal times are and when we eat throughout the day. When sitting in the high chair they will learn to anticipate that now is eating time and will be less resistant to eating in the future. This is especially important to develop early on because toddlers are notoriously picky eaters! (Trust me, I have one!)

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

This high chair is great because it folds flat in seconds and its maximum height is 50 lbs!

4. Easy cleanup. This sounds like a no brainer but trust me, kids make huge, out of this world messes with their food. I found the messiest stage was between 12 months to about 2 years, peaking at 18 months and the ease of high chair clean up was a lifesaver. High chairs have a special layer of plastic that makes clean up a breeze (try to get dried up puree off a wooden table--it's a nightmare) and they are often equipped with machine washable padding and dishwasher safe trays. 

Safety 1st Clean and Comfy Booster

This is a such a neat idea: easy to clean booster with an included adult chair protector. 

5. Helps develop independent eating habits. Having your child in a high chair is a great way to help them develop independent eating. It is here that they can learn how to use feeding utensils such as spoon and fork along with bowls and plates. The high chair tray makes all of these items much easier for them to get a hold of. This is great for gross motor development.

Foundations Secure Sitter

This high chair enables children to safely self-seat with minimal assistance from parents or caregiver, which builds self confidence in the child while minimizing back strain for the parent or caregiver.



6. Easy to Supervise. Having a child in a high chair makes it very easy to supervise them. They can’t crawl or go anywhere and you can keep them busy in a high chair with food while you work on something else such as washing the dishes after a meal. I have many fond memories of strapping my son into his high chair while he munched on cheerios and he and I "cooked" together. Many toys are made specifically for high chairs with suction cups that allow parents to stick the toy to the tray.


This booster has a cool built-in toy tray for your children. 

The tray is easily removed once food is ready to be served. 

5 Gray Trends in Nurseries 0

Gray is the new beige. Gray is a neutral tone in many senses: it’s gender neutral, it’s age neutral and it’s trend neutral (i.e. this furniture color won’t go out of style in 3 years) and it’s color neutral (it literally goes with almost any other color). The following is a compilation of tastefully styled nurseries in lovely shades of gray.

Top 5 Trends for Baby’s Nursery for 2015 0

Congratulations! You've just found out you're expecting. While you may not know where to begin preparing for baby, one of the fun projects to start on is getting the nursery ready. A baby’s nursery is a reflection of whimsical bright colors or calming accents and elements. There is no wrong way to design your new baby’s room--just have fun putting it together!

Here are some of the growing trends in 2015 nurseries:

1. Embellished wall. Having an accented wall where your crib sits is not a new trend. But this year it is how you decorate this wall that makes all the difference. What’s cool about this trend is that it is pretty easy to do! Just use small decals to really make this wall pop. Whether it is geometric shapes like small triangles or fun different colored clouds you can place in a pattern, this wall will stand out and look great behind your crib.

2. Feminine Florals. If you are looking to decorate your nursery more with girly florals, this is the way to go. These classic floral patterns are chic and can even be sophisticated as your child grows. You can see these florals as wallpaper, reflected on bed sheets themes or accent pillows. A floral pattern background artwork with monogrammed letters is also a very elegant touch. Crisp white nursery furniture looks so gorgeous with the floral touches

3. Teepee. A nod to a rustic design element, adding a teepee is a fun piece to place in your baby’s nursery. Add a fur rug and some pillows and it makes a great space for reading time as well as a fun hideaway when your little one gets older.

4. Golds and metallics. One of the hottest trends today is adding metallic golds to your baby’s nursery. Whether it is a gold lamp, crib or art pieces, it is the perfect way to fancy up your
baby’s nursery. The gold element can be mixed and matched to suit any decor tastes.

5. Bright furniture. Want to make your nursery standout? Choose a brightly colored dresser to really make your baby’s room pop. Bright blues, raspberries and bold green cribs are on color trend. With beautiful, unique handles in addition to a traditional design to the furniture is a perfect addition to have in your baby’s new room.

Most important trend? Have fun! Baby won't be able to complain for at least the first 2-3 years...

Why is a Baby Crib So Important? 0

Why is a Baby Crib So Important?

When you come home from the hospital with your perfect, beautiful infant you automatically need a comfortable place for him or her to rest and sleep. Most parents are actually shocked at how much newborns sleep especially in the first few weeks. Make sure before that miraculous, unforgettable first day home with your newborn arrives that you have the perfect crib, bassinet and/or cradle. You will be going through many changes and new experiences in that first year of your baby’s life, ensure the baby crib you choose is something you don’t need to worry about for a second. 

A crib may just be a crib to you now, but once you have your baby you will realize that the perfect crib can be a lifesaver and easily become your favorite piece of furniture. If your baby feels happy, comfortable and safe to sleep in his or her crib, you will get much more rest and relaxation yourself. You will have more time to cook, clean and do your various tasks around the house. The baby crib you choose could make the difference between your infant sleeping through the night and him or her not sleeping more than a couple hours at a time. Let Nurzery help you choose the perfect baby crib so that your child is happy to lie down at night and for a nap. Take a few minutes now at the comfort of your own home to shop online for the perfect baby crib. We offer 7 different brands including: AFG, Child Craft, Cosco, Dorel Juvenile Group, Foundations, Safety 1st, Sorelle, StorkCraft and Whitney Brothers, and we offer 7 color options for our various cribs: White, Espresso, Black, Cherry, Cognac, Oak and Natural. And we offer 8 different baby crib styles: Convertible, Modern, Portable, Mini, Bassinets, Cradles, Combos, and Classics. One of our hundreds of available cribs is perfect for you!  And, we lighten the load for you by offering all of our cribs and anything you add to the order tax and shipping charge free! You will save money and time shopping online with Nurzery.


Remember “…every baby deserves to be spoiled.”