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Top 5 Trends for Baby’s Nursery for 2015 0

Congratulations! You've just found out you're expecting. While you may not know where to begin preparing for baby, one of the fun projects to start on is getting the nursery ready. A baby’s nursery is a reflection of whimsical bright colors or calming accents and elements. There is no wrong way to design your new baby’s room--just have fun putting it together!

Here are some of the growing trends in 2015 nurseries:

1. Embellished wall. Having an accented wall where your crib sits is not a new trend. But this year it is how you decorate this wall that makes all the difference. What’s cool about this trend is that it is pretty easy to do! Just use small decals to really make this wall pop. Whether it is geometric shapes like small triangles or fun different colored clouds you can place in a pattern, this wall will stand out and look great behind your crib.

2. Feminine Florals. If you are looking to decorate your nursery more with girly florals, this is the way to go. These classic floral patterns are chic and can even be sophisticated as your child grows. You can see these florals as wallpaper, reflected on bed sheets themes or accent pillows. A floral pattern background artwork with monogrammed letters is also a very elegant touch. Crisp white nursery furniture looks so gorgeous with the floral touches

3. Teepee. A nod to a rustic design element, adding a teepee is a fun piece to place in your baby’s nursery. Add a fur rug and some pillows and it makes a great space for reading time as well as a fun hideaway when your little one gets older.

4. Golds and metallics. One of the hottest trends today is adding metallic golds to your baby’s nursery. Whether it is a gold lamp, crib or art pieces, it is the perfect way to fancy up your
baby’s nursery. The gold element can be mixed and matched to suit any decor tastes.

5. Bright furniture. Want to make your nursery standout? Choose a brightly colored dresser to really make your baby’s room pop. Bright blues, raspberries and bold green cribs are on color trend. With beautiful, unique handles in addition to a traditional design to the furniture is a perfect addition to have in your baby’s new room.

Most important trend? Have fun! Baby won't be able to complain for at least the first 2-3 years...

7 Top Baby Gear Essentials—The Must-Haves! 0

Cute Baby Girl PicsAs if pregnancy isn’t overwhelming enough, the choices first (and second and third…!) time moms and dads face is both exhilarating and a little daunting. Do babies really need their wipes warmed? What about all those rattles and other sensory toys? Those are all “nice to haves”—the bonuses you might be happy to get as a gift because you aren’t sure you really want to spend the money on it yourself. What are the baby gear essentials? What does a newborn really need apart from diapers, feeding gear and comfy clothing? We are here to give you the 7 top baby gear picks, in no particular order.

  1. Crib This first one seems rather obvious but it’s obvious for a reason. Sure, you could probably have your child live in a drawer for a few weeks but eventually you’ll really want something safe, secure and flexible to grow with your child. We highly recommend convertible cribs. What is a convertible crib? It’s a bed that starts out as a crib, converts into a toddler bed with, and then without, safety rails and finally a twin size bed. Quite honestly, a convertible crib can last into your child’s early teens. Make sure you choose a neutral color that will grow with your child. Here’s one of our bestsellers: Storkcraft Valentia Convertible Crib. You’ll have to purchase the mattress separately but a crib mattress will last for about 4-5 years until your child grows into a twin size bed. Crib mattresses are usually in the $100-$150 range. We highly recommend you spend the extra $30-50 for a good quality mattress—those growing bones need good support.

  2. Crib bedding Again, this one seems logical but it’s important to purchase bedding that is specifically manufactured for baby cribs. Fitted sheets are important because if it’s not tightly fitted around the edges, it could pose a strangling or choking hazard if the edges become loose. The sheets and blankets are also an important consideration due to size. The crib sized blankets and sheets are made to fit neatly into a crib. Even a twin sized blanket is too large for a baby’s crib and again, it could pose a hazard to your baby’s health. We highly recommend purchasing crib bedding manufactured specifically for crib dimensions.
  3. Nursery furniture I kept reminding myself not to buy too many 0-3month outfits while I was pregnant. But they are absolutely irresistible, right? I’m here to remind you that all those 0-3month outfits are pretty useless. Go ahead, splurge on one or two for a photo shoot but no more than that. If your baby is a summer baby, he or she will be living in onesies. If your baby is born in the winter, he or she will be wearing sleepers all day and all night. Fall or spring? A variation of onesies and sleepers. But the inevitable will happen and you will buy/receive/inherit way too many outfits. No 6 month old needs 5 pairs of shoes! And so, a good quality furniture set is essential and it will last years (probably as long as the convertible crib). After all, you need a place to store all those cute outfits. The nursery furniture doesn’t have to match the crib, nor does it even have to be a completely brand new set. However, opting for a new set will ensure that your child has many, many years to enjoy his or her furniture. One of our most popular nursery furniture sets, from AFG International comes in three shades that are sure to please any nursery style.

  4. Baby monitor This one is a very personal choice but as a mother of two, I promise you I could never have slept soundly without one. As a new mom, it’s hard not to stress out over every little peep your newborn makes. I was so exhausted I feared that I would mistakenly sleep through my baby’s hunger cues. A good baby monitor will last you through several years and several kids. They are, relative to the amount of peace of mind they offer, very inexpensive. If you want to really treat yourself, and if you have the extra budget space, you could always go for the fancy video monitor. An audio monitor like this works well and it’s a solid investment.

  5. Car seat Your child’s safety is most important and we recommend you buy new car seats for your children. Furthermore, we highly advise that you heed the expiration dates on your child’s car seats. In many states, you can’t leave the hospital without a child properly restrained in a car seat. If you own a vehicle, or if your child will be traveling with someone who drives, it’s imperative that your purchase a car seat. Safety 1st car seats are highly safety rated and offer a comfortable ride for your little one.

  6. Stroller or carrier You can choose either or both but unless you plan on staying home for the next year, you’ll need to transport your child. The car seat is essential for travel within the car but the bucket seat is bulky when walking with it. You’ll need a solution that fits with your lifestyle. Some people swear by carriers and some can’t live without their stroller. The right choice is completely up to you. As a mom of two young children, I have a double stroller, a baby carrier and two baby hiking backpacks! If this is your first child and you plan on having more than one child, I highly recommend you purchase a double stroller to begin with. You’ll have extra storage space while you have one child and you’ll save yourself the expense of buying a second double stroller once you have the second child. Tandem strollers like this one are easy to steer and simple to get through doorways. The side by side strollers are meant to be small enough to glide through standard doorways but if you are a frequent mall walker/shopper, I recommend the tandem as it’s easier to get through aisles in department stores and through tighter corners.

  7. Baby swing or vibrating chair You don’t absolutely need a baby swing or a vibrating chair. If you “wear” your baby, you won’t need one at all but if you’d like a break and the crib isn’t doing it for your child, the soothing vibrations and calm music of a swing or bouncy chair are sure to quiet the screams. The swing/chair was a lifesaver for my colicky child. We certainly don’t recommend that you allow your child to sleep in the swing or chair through the night but the occasional nap for baby (and hopefully you!) is certainly worth the price of those contraptions. Make sure that the fabric is removable and machine washable! These cutes swings are portable and compact: 

Most importantly: enjoy this time of discovery. You are, or will be, a fabulous parent!

Purchasing the Perfect Baby Nursery Furniture 0

While there are many things to do before the big day arrives, probably the most meaningful for expectant parents is picking out furniture for the baby’s nursery. These are the items, both functional and decorative, that will color your baby’s world for the first few years of life. The nursery furniture you choose should be durable, safe and grow with your baby as he or she progresses from infancy into childhood.

Probably the single most important issue that comes to mind as parents begin their search for the perfect furniture is safety. New furniture designs are tested rigorously in order to maintain optimal safety standards, but even so, the rare recall can occur. When purchasing your baby`s furniture, check consumer resources online to ascertain that the items you have chosen are safe and appropriate for the age your child will be when using them. Here at Nurzery we are always up-to-date and fully informed about the latest in safety standards and can answer any questions you may have regarding the safety of any items for your nursery.

The one piece of furniture that will probably give you the most value for your money is the crib. This is where your baby will spend many hours each day, and for many years if the crib is designed to grow with your baby converting to a toddler and full bed once he or she outgrows the crib. Ideally, a crib should be made of sturdy, solid wood, with locks that will hold the sides in place and lower without pinching fingers.

Another piece of furniture that parents find indispensable is the changing table. In addition to being a handy place to change the inevitable diapers, most models come with drawers or shelves to hold necessities within arm’s reach. Recently, retailers have designed changing tables to also function as a dresser once your child is out of diapers, making them a very functional piece that will have years of use.

Babies might be tiny, but they can amass a large wardrobe very quickly. Dressers and wardrobes that coordinate with other nursery furniture can be a handy addition to hold all of baby’s things in an organized fashion and can be used throughout childhood into adulthood.

When it comes to designing a baby’s nursery, it’s best for parents to consider both the size of the room and just what their needs are. With only a little planning and the help of our knowledgeable at Nurzery, you will have a nursery that is both functional and fun.

The Benefits of Baby Changing Stations 0

The Benefits Of Changing Stations

So you're sitting at home with your child, relaxing, playing, or learning with them and you begin to notice an all too familiar smell coming from their diaper. Quick, think, do you know where their diapers are? The wipes, the powder, the diaper cream? Not only do you immediately want to keep the stinky problem from getting worse, but the last thing you want is for them to become uncomfortable from having to sit in a dirty diaper while you search for your supplies. It's times like these that it's so important for parents to have baby changing stations in their homes. 

Having baby changing stations not only means you've taken a marked step towards preparedness with your child, but it just makes things so much easier. Instead of tracking down a diaper bag with supplies or having to dig through cupboards or drawers to find what you need, changing stations often have all the shelves and drawers you will need to store supplies. Never be caught short on supplies again when you have an area you can keep extra or spare diapers, wipes, and the like on hand all in one spot.

Another great reason for baby changing stations is having a sanitary place to change your baby. You don't have to risk any of their mess getting on blankets, furniture, or whatever other space you might have available to change them on, but it's easy to wipe down and sanitize a specific area rather than spot clean where you used to change your child. When it comes to changing, changing tables are a simple one stop shop for getting the job done cleanly and efficiently. If you're expecting or you already have a child and are looking for a simpler way to get things done, a changing table can make all the difference.