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Top 10 Baby Girl Names of 2015 0

In part two of our series on popular baby naming trends in 2015, we come to the baby girls. Here's the baby boy name article. Baby girl naming trends have started to become more adventurous as well as more meaningful. Many parents are taking careful care into selecting the best name for their little princess. A lot counts on a name. When naming my children, it took us hours and hours of careful research and bouncing ideas off my husband and family before we came up with the "perfect" name for our children. In fact, while I find the entire naming experience very exciting, I also found it very daunting--I kept thinking: this name will stick with my son and daughter for the rest of their lives. It's a person's first impression and ultimately, it can shape and define a person. The name is a representation of the person who we hope they will become. With that in mind, let's talk girl names. 
Bold, noun-like names are more popular recently. They can be grand names such as Royal or nature sounding names like River. Many parents like defining names as it makes a big statement and creates a clear and powerful identity. Another trend is adding the last syllable “bella” to the end of the names. An example of this is Arabella or Mirabella. While it has been popular for boys names to have o-endings such as Milo, girl naming trends are following suit. That o-sounding has gained quite the popularity with names such as Margo, Willow and Harlow. A trend that is seen in Europe is short, simple names. They are elegant and never go out of style. These fashionable names include Eva or Lea. Another trend is old fashioned names that are also timeless. With the influence of Princess Charlotte who was born just this year, parents are choosing these oldie but goodie names like Elizabeth and Victoria. Popular culture still plays a heavy role in the popularity of baby names. Influences such as Game of Thrones with parents choosing to name their girl Arya or Sansa have been gaining popularity as well. I know a few "Blue" girls already!
With so many different types of trends and beautiful girls names it can be hard choosing one. Here are the top 10 baby girl names for the year 2015:

1. Emma – whole or complete. This was seems to be a keeper. It's been on the most popular lists for many generations.
2. Olivia – short for olive which can mean affectionate. Part of the old becomes new again trend, I find this name to be so sweet.

3. Sophia - Wise. Another timeless name. It's a very soft sounding name. 

4. Ava - Iniquity. Short, simple and beautiful. You can't go wrong with this one.

5. Isabella – Devoted to God. I've always loved the shortened versions of this name: Izzy or Bella. So pretty!

6. Mia – Female abbreviation of Michal. This is a relative newcomer. It reminds me of Mia Farrow...not a bad association at all.

7. Charlotte – Feminine Manly. I love this name. It has stood the test of time.

8. Amelia - Defender. I can't help but think of Amelia Bedelia! But I loved those books as a child so it's a good association.

9. Emily – Hard working. This one is really popular with my friends this year!

10. Madison – Surname derived from Matthew “gift of God” or from Matilda “strong fighter." I loved the shortened Maddy--sweet an adorable name.
I chose my children's name with great care and I put all my heart into those names. Now every time I say their names, I smile a little inside knowing I whispered life into their names. I'm sure you'll do the same!
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10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas 0

A baby shower is a fun way of celebrating new life. With September being the most popular month for baby births in the US (September 16th, to be precise), I'm willing to bet that August is full of baby showers! Count back 40 weeks...most September babies were conceived around the Christmas holidays. But maybe having a traditional baby shower is not for you. Perhaps, depending on the mom-to-be's situation or her personality, you'd like to celebrate a little differently. Whether the mom lives far away, already had her first baby or something else, here are 10 unique ways to celebrate the soon to be born baby:


  1. Long Distance Shower. This mom-to-be could be living quite far from family and friends. Some would rather save the money for travel to see a baby rather than going to a shower. Many families are separated by many miles and often live in different states or countries.Having a long distance shower is a great way to help new parents with baby gifts without having to live in close proximity. Technology can really help with a long distance shower: use FaceTime and/or Skype to keep everyone connected. 

  2. Baby Sprinkle. A Baby Sprinkle is a baby shower for those on their 2nd or even 3rd baby. It is a great way to celebrate the new baby without having to throw a huge party and give gifts of items that these seasoned parents already have. This is great for parents who are having a different gender and can get some new clothing they may not have to hand down to their next baby. 

  3. Book Theme. Want to build up the new baby’s book library? A book themed baby shower is a perfect idea. Everyone can bring a book in lieu of a card with a little note in the side cover. There will be lots of bedtime story readings and the new parents will especially appreciate having a large selection of books to choose from. Since books can be pricey, suggest that guests bring used books. 

  4. Welcome! Sip & See. A sip and see party is a great way to get everyone together to see the new baby. This party is really just to introduce your new baby to everyone. I would have loved this type of party since I was hospitalized at the end of my pregnancy and I missed the opportunity to have a baby shower. Also, many new moms don't like to host guest after guest coming unexpectedly to visit the new baby. This is an organized way to invite everyone to see new baby at the same time. And if you feel uncomfortable with everyone touching new baby, make sure you make it very clear that there is a "no touch" policy in effect. 

  5. Frozen Dinner Shower. Any new parents will tell you that the first few weeks of a baby’s arrival can be rough. Just trying to come up with something to eat for dinner can seem like an impossible task. Having a frozen dinner shower is a great way to provide pre-prepared meals that just need warming up. I would've loved this party! Imagine having months of go-to meals for those nights when you don't feel like preparing anything? Great idea. Make sure everyone knows if you have allergies or food intolerance. And just make sure that they have a large freezer! 

  6. Piggy Bank Shower. If the new parents-to-be are moving right away or in a situation where they cannot bring lots of gifts to their home, a piggy bank shower is good idea. A big piggy bank is placed on a table and everyone who wants to contribute can place their money inside. Guests should be told in advance that they should not purchase any gifts but are asked to donate any amount of money they feel comfortable giving. The money can be used for any expenses or needs, like diapers or formula, that the parents can use over time.

  7. Diaper Baby Shower. What is one thing every new parent can never have enough of? Diapers! And diapers are expensive! Having a diaper baby shower where everyone brings a pack in lieu of a gift is great for new parents and seasoned parents. I'v attended quite a few baby showers where guests arrive with "diaper cakes." Diaper cakes are essentially diapers folded in the shape of a towering cake. Then they'll tape or pin baby essentials to the "cake" and wrap it in cellophane. I've received diaper cakes and they are very practical gifts...I would've liked a diaper shower!

  8. Have a Blessingway. A Blessingway, also known as a Mother Blessing, is a sacred pre-birth ceremony performed by the Navajo people. The ceremony celebrates when a women becomes a mother for the first time. It's a sacred rite of passage that is deserving of pampering and blessing from all the important women in her life. Instead of sharing gifts, the women gather in a circle and share life experiences and birthing stories. It can be so powerful to feel the warmth of the women you love and the mutual sharing of hopes and fears.  

  9. Invite the men! Baby showers usually exclude the men. It seems almost unfair to leave the men out of the equation when they'll be right there supporting you through your delivery. It's a great way to teach new fathers about diaper changing techniques, swaddling methods and other handy tips. Try to incorporate the men by playing party games they would enjoy and ensuring that they participate in the fun.

  10. Pamper party. This is a good one! Invite all the girls out for a mani/pedi party. Bring the cake and enjoy some delicious after-pampering treats in the salon. By the time the baby shower roles around, most moms-to-be can't reach their own toes and it doesn't hurt to have pretty toes on the big day. 

Whatever you decide to do--even if you decide not to celebrate with a party--enjoy the bundle of joy that is about to arrive!