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The Benefits of Baby Changing Stations 0

The Benefits Of Changing Stations

So you're sitting at home with your child, relaxing, playing, or learning with them and you begin to notice an all too familiar smell coming from their diaper. Quick, think, do you know where their diapers are? The wipes, the powder, the diaper cream? Not only do you immediately want to keep the stinky problem from getting worse, but the last thing you want is for them to become uncomfortable from having to sit in a dirty diaper while you search for your supplies. It's times like these that it's so important for parents to have baby changing stations in their homes. 

Having baby changing stations not only means you've taken a marked step towards preparedness with your child, but it just makes things so much easier. Instead of tracking down a diaper bag with supplies or having to dig through cupboards or drawers to find what you need, changing stations often have all the shelves and drawers you will need to store supplies. Never be caught short on supplies again when you have an area you can keep extra or spare diapers, wipes, and the like on hand all in one spot.

Another great reason for baby changing stations is having a sanitary place to change your baby. You don't have to risk any of their mess getting on blankets, furniture, or whatever other space you might have available to change them on, but it's easy to wipe down and sanitize a specific area rather than spot clean where you used to change your child. When it comes to changing, changing tables are a simple one stop shop for getting the job done cleanly and efficiently. If you're expecting or you already have a child and are looking for a simpler way to get things done, a changing table can make all the difference.

All About Baby Monitors 0

All About Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is a great way to keep you connected with your child while you`re busy in another part of your home. Various types of monitors exist, allowing you to choose a model that best fits your lifestyle. Below we have explained the different types available today and what makes each one useful and unique.

Audio Monitors: Analog and Digital

Audio monitors are inexpensive units that transmit sounds from the transmitter in your baby’s nursery to the receiver that you keep clipped onto your belt or placed nearby. Audio baby monitors come in both analog and digital models.

Analog monitors are the least expensive models but still have the reception range needed to allow you to be anywhere in your home or even on your porch or in your yard while your baby is sleeping. Some models come with multiple receivers, some with multiple transmitters and some with both. However, if you have a house full of electronics, you`ll probably have difficulty finding an analog monitor that doesn`t receive interference from cordless phones, wireless networks and cell phones.

Digital monitors cost a little more than analog models, but they offer less interference, clearer sound and a greater reception range. These monitors range from very simple units to very complex models with numerous receivers, indicator lights and various frequency settings.

Video Monitors

Video monitors combine the functionality of audio monitors with video feedback. You place a small camera unit by your baby`s crib and the camera transmits video images to the receiver. Many video monitors even come with multiple receivers. Always check the image quality, sound quality and the reception range before purchasing.

Movement Sensor Monitors

Movement sensor monitors come with a motion-sensing pad that you slip underneath your baby`s mattress. These sensors detect your baby`s slightest movements, including breathing patterns. If your baby stays completely still for a pre-set amount of time, usually about 20 seconds, an alarm sounds on the parent unit, alerting you to check on your baby. These monitors are commonly used by parents who have infants with health problems.

Choosing a Baby Monitor

Keep your needs in mind when purchasing a new baby monitor. If you have a small house or will only ever be a few rooms away, any type of monitor will probably suffice. If you live in a large or multi-story home, look for a monitor with multiple receivers and a long reception range.

Know yourself and the amount of monitoring you can handle. If you need to actually view your baby all of the time, purchase a video monitor. If you`re the kind to waste time becoming hyper-vigilant with constant video feeds, buy an audio monitor instead. Keep in mind that having a baby monitor is supposed to make your life easier and not add even more stress to your life.

At Simple Baby Necessities, you can find many different types of baby monitors. For example you will find we sell the Safety 1st Crystal Clear model which offers an excellent 600-foot range, two channel selections and runs on a 49 MHz frequency. The Crystal Clear is ranked as a "Top Pick" and "Best Value" by respected review sites. We also offer the Safety 1st Comfort Zone digital monitor, which includes two parent receivers that display the temperature in the nursery. This model has a 900-foot range and 24 channels, and it alerts you if the temperature rises or falls outside of the pre-set range. Low prices are guaranteed from Simple Baby Necessities Zero Sales tax, and Shipping is Free for orders $75 and up!

Shop around to find the monitor that best meets your needs. If you still have questions or need further advice, give us a call, send an email or use our live chat. We are here to help! 


Have you ever heard of a lifetime bed? 0

Have you ever heard of a lifetime bed?

Well, if you are looking for a crib for your baby that will always match his or her room, and will never have to be given away or thrown away, that will again and again save you time and money…you are in for a treat! If you plan ahead, you are truly benefiting yourself. You can save shopping for a new place for your little one to sleep 3 entire times!!! That means you save the hassle of having to pick out, buy, transport, and assemble a bed 3 whole times! And, if you shop with us today, you get FREE Shipping!

The more you read about the lifetime bed, the more you will be hooked. Here is how it works…This amazing lifetime crib, is just as the name implies; your baby’s bed for life. The lifetime bed first converts to a toddler when your baby is at the dangerous stage when he or she is strong enough to stand up and crawl out of the baby crib. The toddler bed is an adorable bed that has the same mattress that their first crib did. It sits low to the floor and is encased to comfort your baby with panels on 3 sides. The toddler bed is perfect for your baby to stumble him or herself right into for nap time and at the end of the day for bed time. This is the perfect transition from crib to bed to keep your little one safe. The toddler bed then converts to a day bed. This adorable bed is a smaller version of the bed you sleep in. Your child will be so excited to get to graduate into the “big kid” bed! The foot board and head boards are the same pieces that once formed their toddler bed. The daybed will now hold a twin size mattress, but your little one can still be safe from falling or crawling accidentally out of bed, because you can put up a side board if you choose. Then, once your child is ready, he or she can fall asleep each night in a full size bed, and there is no reason that this modern, durable, handsome piece of furniture isn’t their bed for life! This bed will hold many memories for you and your baby.

Why wait? Get a lifetime bed today! This is the hottest baby crib out on the market! It is the new rave for parents these days, and the reason why is that people are realizing how simple and hassle free they really are. If you buy a lifetime bed from us today, we will ship it to you FREE of charge!! Shop around for the perfect lifetime bed for you…we offer many different styles and colors, but remember they are going fast!

Choosing the Right Car Seat 0

Choosing the Car Seat

Safety needs to be a top priority when it comes to your precious baby. There aren’t many more important products than the car seat is when it comes to child safety. The seat needs to fit correctly and be the right type for the particular age and size of the child. A car seat can save a child's life and also save on your car insurance quote. There are a lot of specifics when it comes to choosing and installing the right seat, but it doesn’t have to be confusing or stressful to find the right one for your child. Before purchasing a seat, one needs to know the different types and what criteria a child needs to meet to use each particular one.

Types of Car Seats - Here is the top selling convertible Baby Car Seat

  • Infant Car Seat - The first car seat that is purchased is rear facing and is necessary for a child from birth to approximately one year of age. As with all seats, it is installed in a back seat. This model needs to be at a 45° angle, and the harness straps should be at or below the level of the shoulders.
  • Convertible - A convertible seat can be a rear or forward facing car seat. It varies according to the manufacturer and model, but most of them can be used for younger children who are between 20 and 40 pounds. This seat should also have the harness straps at or below the shoulders.
  • Forward Facing - When a child is about 35 pounds, he can use a forward facing model. In the past, the general guideline was that as soon as a child turned one, he or she could be put into a forward facing seat, but this is no longer what the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends. It is best for the child's safety if he remains rear facing for as long as possible-until he outgrows the infant car seat.
  • Booster – Once a child reaches 40lbs, he or she may be able to utilize a booster car seat. These seats have the child facing forward and are the final step before he can sit in a car with just a seat belt.

Several important tips and suggestions will make it easier to pick out the perfect car seat. All newly manufactured seats have to pass federal guidelines, so there is no instance where one seat will be safer than another. The only exception to this would be when comparing a new seat to a used seat. It is always recommended to purchase a brand new model. 

1. Easy Installation in New Vehicles

All modern vehicles now feature car seat connection points. This LATCH system is found in all vehicles since 2002. These are usually on the back most seat and are sometimes signified with a baby or car seat logo on the upholstery or on a seatbelt. The owner’s manual of the particular vehicle should be reviewed to see if there are any particular precautions or suggestions associated with the model of the car.

2. Is it the Right Car Seat for Your Baby?

Having the child the correct seat will ensure he is the safest. It is always essential that you follow recommended guidelines. This will mean that multiple seats are purchased as a child is growing up.

3. Space Planning before Installing Your Car Seat

Make sure you plan the best vehicle and spot before installing your car seat. A common mistake would be to purchase a car seat only to find that other people are no longer able to sit comfortably or safely in the car. This is especially important if two car seats need to be used in one vehicle. Also, the seat may extend quite a bit past the base of the back. This means that the front seat will most likely need to be pulled forward. Anyone who is tall may then have a difficult time comfortably sitting in the front. Be sure to plan appropriately for all of these adjustments.

4. Easy to Clean Car Seats is Best

Children are messy. There is no denying that fact. Purchasing a car seat that is easy to clean up will save time and aggravation. One that has a removable cover and smooth surfaces is ideal. Anything with excessive amounts of detail or stitching will hold bits of food and dirt.

5. Restraint Harnesses on Car Seats

Most of the models that are available will feature a five point harness. There is a top strap that goes above the shoulders and a lower connection point that will come up between and above the legs attaching to the above pieces. These need to be pulled snug. They do not do their job if they are loose, and they need to be easy for the adult to operate yet difficult for the child to unbuckle.

6. Easy Car Seat Installation is Best

In some cases, a seat will need to be installed and moved to different vehicles. Because of this, the process for installation should only take a short amount of time and be extremely easy. Many seats will have directions and information right on the unit. There is also a level or indicator that will show the user the proper angle for installation.

7. Is the Car Seat the Most Current design?

Before purchasing anything, one should review safety information to ensure that a particular model is up to date and meets current safety standards. From time to time, these standards get revised and various items even get recalled. Because of that fact, shopping at a reputable store like Simple Baby Necessities will mean that only the most current designs are sold.

8. Register and Properly Install Your Car Seat

Once purchased, registering the model with the company will ensure that the users are always up-to-date with any of these safety recalls and with appropriate product notifications. Safety should always be the most important factor when purchasing anything for a young child. With adequate research, it is quite easy to purchase the perfect car seat for your child. One final step would be to have the seat checked by a professional. Many times, local hospitals and police/fire departments will offer clinics where they inspect installed seats at no charge.

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4 in 1 Crib Info 0

Are you looking for the perfect crib for your baby? Maybe you are not just thinking about the here and now…maybe you are a planner. Well if you are, the 4 in 1 crib is the best fit for you. You are truly benefiting yourself if you plan ahead. You can save shopping for a new place for your little one to sleep 3 entire times!!! That means you save the hassle of having to pick out, transport, and assemble a bed 3 whole times! And, if you shop with us today, you get FREE Shipping!

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