Sorelle Alex Double Dresser 1560 –

Sorelle Alex Double Dresser 1560

Sorelle Dresser Sorelle
Product Description

Modern style and versatile function of the Alex Double Dresser with White finish makes it an ideal choice for most any size nursery. To save floor space, use this beautiful dresser as your center for changing diapers. The height is comfortable for you with room on top for the changer and baskets for wet wipes, baby oils and powders. All six of the spacious drawers are an easy reach for diapers with storage space for baby clothes and other accessories. The Alex design has smooth lines with fine molding that are compatible with most styles. Sorelle quality craftsmanship completes drawers with dovetail and flush mount interior and steel Euro glides with safety locks. Built to last with highest level of quality, durability, safety and value 

$ 699.00