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Top 10 Baby Girl Names of 2015 0

In part two of our series on popular baby naming trends in 2015, we come to the baby girls. Here's the baby boy name article. Baby girl naming trends have started to become more adventurous as well as more meaningful. Many parents are taking careful care into selecting the best name for their little princess. A lot counts on a name. When naming my children, it took us hours and hours of careful research and bouncing ideas off my husband and family before we came up with the "perfect" name for our children. In fact, while I find the entire naming experience very exciting, I also found it very daunting--I kept thinking: this name will stick with my son and daughter for the rest of their lives. It's a person's first impression and ultimately, it can shape and define a person. The name is a representation of the person who we hope they will become. With that in mind, let's talk girl names. 
Bold, noun-like names are more popular recently. They can be grand names such as Royal or nature sounding names like River. Many parents like defining names as it makes a big statement and creates a clear and powerful identity. Another trend is adding the last syllable “bella” to the end of the names. An example of this is Arabella or Mirabella. While it has been popular for boys names to have o-endings such as Milo, girl naming trends are following suit. That o-sounding has gained quite the popularity with names such as Margo, Willow and Harlow. A trend that is seen in Europe is short, simple names. They are elegant and never go out of style. These fashionable names include Eva or Lea. Another trend is old fashioned names that are also timeless. With the influence of Princess Charlotte who was born just this year, parents are choosing these oldie but goodie names like Elizabeth and Victoria. Popular culture still plays a heavy role in the popularity of baby names. Influences such as Game of Thrones with parents choosing to name their girl Arya or Sansa have been gaining popularity as well. I know a few "Blue" girls already!
With so many different types of trends and beautiful girls names it can be hard choosing one. Here are the top 10 baby girl names for the year 2015:

1. Emma – whole or complete. This was seems to be a keeper. It's been on the most popular lists for many generations.
2. Olivia – short for olive which can mean affectionate. Part of the old becomes new again trend, I find this name to be so sweet.

3. Sophia - Wise. Another timeless name. It's a very soft sounding name. 

4. Ava - Iniquity. Short, simple and beautiful. You can't go wrong with this one.

5. Isabella – Devoted to God. I've always loved the shortened versions of this name: Izzy or Bella. So pretty!

6. Mia – Female abbreviation of Michal. This is a relative newcomer. It reminds me of Mia Farrow...not a bad association at all.

7. Charlotte – Feminine Manly. I love this name. It has stood the test of time.

8. Amelia - Defender. I can't help but think of Amelia Bedelia! But I loved those books as a child so it's a good association.

9. Emily – Hard working. This one is really popular with my friends this year!

10. Madison – Surname derived from Matthew “gift of God” or from Matilda “strong fighter." I loved the shortened Maddy--sweet an adorable name.
I chose my children's name with great care and I put all my heart into those names. Now every time I say their names, I smile a little inside knowing I whispered life into their names. I'm sure you'll do the same!
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Top 10 Baby Boy Names of 2015 0

With the most popular birthing month coming up (September), we thought of doing a two-part series on the most popular baby names of 2015. And apparently more boy babies are born than girls (something to do with the population compensating for the male propensity for risk-taking) so we'll start with the boy names. 
When parents name their little man, many are looking to choose a name that is strong and resonates with the family. There are many trends this year when it comes to naming their little boy. One of the biggest trends is using unisex names. This used to be a trend among girl names (think 2014!) but now the tides have shifted and boys are reclaiming names from girls. Examples of this would be Casey, Jessie and Kelly.
Another popular trend among parents is their new love affair with the letter X. They are loving this letter in popular boys names. Because of this Axel and Dexter have been gaining popularity. And what about all those Xaviers and Xanders? I've seen quite a few of those names.
Another trend we are seeing for the year 2015 is short names that are both elegant and simple. This trend has started out in Europe but is slowly starting to make its way here in the United States. These fashionable names include Finn and Jack. It is short and to the point but also remains classic.
Speaking of classic names, kingly names like Charles and Richard are making a comeback this year. Prince George has popularized his kingly sounding name and we've also seen many babies named Henry and Thomas.
Though parents generally still love using conservative names or family first names, they do like to add a bit of flare. The compromise in doing this is having their middle names become more unique. Some of these trends are using hero names of people they admire for their child’s middle name. Such hero’s names that are popular to use are their favorite athlete like Lebron or favorite author such as Austen.
Without further ado, here are the top 10 baby boy names and their respective meanings of 2015:
1. Liam - Strong willed warrior and protector.
2. Noah – Repose; Consolation. 
3. Ethan – Strong, the gift of island
4. Mason – Worker in stone
5. Logan – Finnian’s servant
6. Lucas - Light
7. Jackson – God has been gracious; has shown favor. Based on John. "Jack's son" This one always remind me of Jackson Pollack!
8. Oliver – Affectionate
9. Aiden - Fire. Does this one remind you of Carrie Bradshaw's ex-boyfriend on Sex and the City?
10. Jacob – That supplants, undermines, the heel. I wonder if this one is still a Twilight influence?
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